Visiting a Startup City in Honduras

How did I end up in Honduras?

What do you mean by “startup city?”

Zone for Employment and Economic Development (Zonas de empleo y desarrollo económico, or ZEDE) is the name of a new type of administrative division in Honduras (colloquially called a model city) that is subject under the national government and provides a high level of autonomy with its own political system, at a judicial, economic and administrative level. Cities will be created with the intention of attracting investment and generating employment in currently uninhabited parts of the country, or in municipalities that agree to be converted into ZEDE zones.
Map of Honduras & Roatan
Map of Roatan

Arriving to Prospera…

Prospera’s main office building and headquarters
One of the model homes
Two Prospera employees with your author in white
View from Prospera’s offices

Final Musings

Land and coastline near Prospera

Further Reading



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